Sheila Sinclair Snyder

On page 56 of Issue 01: Oregon, we introduced you to Sheila Sinclair Snyder: an entrepreneur, teacher, and accomplished quilter who lives just a few minutes away from my childhood home in Oregon. In the article titled “Building a Business, Step by Step,” we share the story of how Snyder found her footing in the quilting […]


Sarah’s signature ink illustrations are a mix of cute animals, modern colors, humor and an occasional touch of darkness. Sarah gets her love of inspiring quotes from her grandmother, Pennie, who has a quote for every hardship in life. Craftedmoon has a signature line of cards that they call their “I Made You Something” collection, […]

Sammy Jenkis

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Paige Alexander

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Gwen Westerman

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Pete Townshend

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Minnesota Quilters Guild

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