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Forgetting to Set the Alarm

Meet our featured artisan!

Emily Pillard is the Customer Service Manager here at Quiltfolk and, as we discovered after she joined the team, a talented artist. You can read more about Emily’s art and the inspiration behind it in the interview below!

What was the inspiration behind your barn quilt paintings?

For me, the changing of the seasons has always been a driving inspiration in my work. So when we decided to make the barn quilt paintings a series, I knew that I wanted to show barns set in different seasons throughout the year. Luckily, I had a wealth of photos from the Quiltfolk archives from which to draw imagery!

What do you love most about these three designs?

I love the mood you get from each season. The winter painting conveys that quiet stillness that only exists after snow has blanketed the ground, and in the summer painting, there is a really lovely sense of movement that you get from the clouds and the grass.

How does your work as an artist relate to your customer service role at Quiltfolk?

Part of my job as an artist is to create work with which people can connect. It’s really cool for me to be in this role and hear about how people connect with Quiltfolk!

Can you share a little more about yourself with the Quiltfolk community?

I was born and raised in Colorado where I was lucky enough to spend many hours in the mountains, exploring the beautiful natural areas nearby. I received my BFA with a painting concentration in 2015 from Colorado State University and my MA in art history and museum studies from the University of Denver in 2019. I currently live in Oregon and continue to spend lots of time outdoors, which inspires and informs my artistic practice.

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