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Issue 22 Preview: AAQCSATX

April 28, 2022

This week we’re sharing exclusive glimpses into the story Changing Lives, Warming Hearts from our current issue, Issue 22: Texas Hill Country

No one individual is more important than the next, and AAQCSATX strives to ensure that everyone feels confident and assured in what they create as a unit. 

“When we look at the 24 ladies we have in this group, we’ve changed some lives, we’ve warmed some hearts, and we’ve helped to stabilize some emotions because of the love that we share.” – Dee Stepter, treasurer of the AAQCSATX.

“We are there to lift you up and celebrate you,” founding member Deb Harris emphasizes, “to either help you clear a path or applaud you once you reach your destination.” 

Turn to page 148 of Quiltfolk, Issue 22: Texas Hill Country to find more about the care and compassion that shapes AAQCSATX, how they support one another and their overall community!

Quiltfolk Issue 22: Texas Hill Country

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