Karen Scharf
My first block! I am selecting my favorite books for my BOM blocks and this has been on my favorites bookshelf since 1996 when James McBride wrote this autobiography of his life growing up biracial. His mother was white, his father black. The book is a tribute to his mother. Our 8th grade daughter read it first in English class and I read it after her. When the author asks his mother “What color is God?” She responds, “God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color.” I was deeply impacted by her words and it has stayed with me in my heart. I chose to put her powerful quote on my block, rather than the exact title. The block will be trimmed down, but for now I will leave it this size. Oh my gosh! After posting this I looked at my picture closer and realized that I turned my block when I started my hand embroidery and put the black at the bottom and the white at the top. Darn! Happy mistake - it looks more like a reflection this way.


(click to view larger size)

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