Thank you for sharing your story with the Quiltfolk Community!

Below you’ll find a form with some questions about your quilt guild and how you build community around quilting. If selected to be published, your guild’s story will be posted on our website in the Community pages along with spotlights on other guilds around the world.

We will likely not use all the answers you submit, but we will carefully curate your material to tell a well-rounded story of your guild. We may also lightly edit your writing for grammar, spelling, and clarity.

Guidelines for Submitting

  • Please try to be clear and concise in your writing, while still using full sentences in your answers.
  • Please try to use active voice where possible (“I visited the fabric shop” rather than “I was visiting the fabric shop.”)
  • Please submit a headshot image so we can see your face, along with 3-5 images of your work.
  • Please read through your answers before submitting to make sure they are clear and as free from errors or misspellings as possible. The less we have to edit, the more we can make your work shine!
  • Please do pass this form on to your quilting friends who may like to participate. We want to get to know as many quilters as possible!

Submission Form Questions