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Quilting is all about what you can touch, feel, and see. For that reason, we’ve set out to make Quiltfolk the most beautiful print magazine possible, from a soft, tactile cover to a minimalist interior aesthetic and timeless typeface.


Quiltfolk is completely advertisement-free, which means we serve only one customer: our reader. Not only does this mean complete editorial freedom, it also keeps the magazine looking clean, beautiful, and uninterrupted.

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Inspiration comes in many forms. One of which is through the exploration of the lives, work, history, and stories of our fellow quilters. At Quiltfolk we believe that once we understand who these quilters are, and where they come from, we can begin to discover new places of inspiration within ourselves.

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Quiltfolk travels state by state with a team of writers and photojournalists to uncover spectacular stories. We meet and interview incredible members of our community: shop owners and designers; collectors and superstars; quilt scholars, curators, and everyday quilters. Every issue is a new adventure.

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Each issue of Quiltfolk is 180 pages of passion, completely free of advertisements. Because our pages aren’t filled with ads, we have room to showcase more of the beautiful quilts we uncover during our travels. Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, antique, or art quilts – Quiltfolk‘s got you covered. 

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Featured items from the Quiltfolk store:

There is nothing small about the hearts of the Maryland quilt folks we met. We visited the historic Dentzel Carousel in Glen Echo Park with Nisha Bouri and Kim Martucci, the owners of Brimfield Awakening, a quilting store built on their friendship. We spent time on the Eastern shore with Victoria McConnell, president of the Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore, and popped into a UFO meeting with its members. And most readers will be familiar with Baltimore Album quilts, whose out-sized legacy is stewarded by the Baltimore Appliqué Society. Once you take a trip with us through beautiful Maryland, we think you’ll understand why three different regions of America want to call it their own.  

Patchwork & Prose offers everything you love about virtual BoMs: community, dedicated sewing time, and a great quilt by the end of the year. But Patchwork & Prose also allows your imagination to run wild! Your favorite books will provide the inspiration you’ll need to create totally original, totally “you” blocks, every month. Along the way, your hosts Jenni and Kay will lead you through fresh, fun workshops on “no-fear” improvisational piecing, providing expert wisdom, skill lessons, prompts, and guidance on specific layout options and sizes for your finished quilt. This blend of creative, freeform improv with structured prompts and guidance — with your community of fellow quilters and your favorite books as your guide — will result in a fun, surprising quilt that you will surely cherish for years to come!

There are many great quilting books out there. And then there are those timeless books that find their way onto the shelves of most quilters. Books like Old Patchwork Quilts and The Women Who Made Them by Ruth Finley, The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman, and the Quilter’s Complete Guide by Marianne Fons & Liz Porter, among others. We believe that Unconventional & Unexpected is one such classic. And for the past 14 months we’ve been working with author Roderick Kiracofe to publish an expanded second edition. 


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