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Every issue is a new adventure! Quiltfolk travels state by state with a team of writers and photojournalists to uncover spectacular stories. We meet and interview incredible members of our community: shop owners and designers; collectors and superstars; quilt scholars, curators, and everyday quilters.

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Inspiration comes in many forms. One of which is through the exploration of the lives, work, history, and stories of our fellow quilters. At Quiltfolk we believe that once we understand who these quilters are, and where they come from, we can begin to discover new places of inspiration within ourselves.

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Each issue of Quiltfolk is 160+ beautiful pages, completely free of advertisements. Because our pages aren’t filled with ads, we have room to showcase more of the beautiful quilts we discover. Whether you’re looking for traditional, modern, antique, or art quilts – Quiltfolk‘s got you covered. 


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Quilting is all about what you can touch, feel, and see. For that reason, we’ve set out to make Quiltfolk the most beautiful print magazine possible, from a soft, tactile cover to a minimalist interior aesthetic and timeless typeface.


Quiltfolk is completely advertisement-free, which means we serve only one customer: our reader. Not only does this mean complete editorial freedom, it also keeps the magazine looking clean, beautiful, and uninterrupted.

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Featured Items from our Shop

Pioneers in Texas Hill Country could see for miles. The sky was an endless blue, and the open range held limitless possibilities. For these folks, quilts were literally a means of survival. But the most powerful quality quilts possessed was the opportunity to form relationships. Longing for connection forged a commitment to community among Texas quilters that endures today. Join us as we explore the people, places, and stories nestled against the beautiful landscape of Texas Hill Country.

Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Recipes is a brilliant pairing of of captivating pieced patchwork projects and delectable desserts. Her vision in creating a collection of quilts, family recipes passed down through the generations, and home interiors culminates in this one-of-a-kind hardcover book. She connects with makers over a love of quilting, family, and indulging in the sweeter things in life. If you are a fan of scrappy quilts and tried-and-true baking recipes, you are sure to savor Jen’s latest book!

There are many great quilting books out there. And then there are those timeless classics that find their way onto the shelves of most quilters. We believe that Unconventional & Unexpected is one such classic, but sadly has been out of print—until now.

At long last, the updated second edition of Unconventional & Unexpected is available, and includes 23 new never-before-seen quilts from author Roderick Kiracofe’s private collection.


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