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A selection of titles from Sue Reich, featured in Issue 17: Connecticut.

About the Author: Sue Reich

Sue began her love of quilting as a child at her grandmother’s farmhouse in northwestern Pennsylvania. Her interests expanded to the historic documentation of Connecticut’s quilts, and she became a certified AQS appraiser and an NQA trained quilt judge. Sue lectures nationally on a variety of quilt history topics and is well known for curating theme quilts from her extensive collection. As the nationally recognized author of quilt history books, Sue travels widely sharing her quilt research and knowledge. Her books include World War I Quilts; World War II Quilts; Quilts Presidential and Patriotic; Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut; Quilting News of Yesteryear: 1,000 Pieces and Counting; Crazy as a Bed-Quilt; and Quiltings, Frolicks, and Bees.

World War I Quilts and World War II Quilts are rooted deep in American history and will keep you coming back time and time again. 

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Quiltmaking in the 1910s can be best described as the convergence of the quilt styles of the late 19th century with the new innovations of the early 20th century. One phenomenon of the era was the emergence of major entrepreneurial quilt designers and the exciting fresh look in quilts they contributed to the quilt world. Two catastrophic events in 1917 and 1918 interrupted the emergence of these new trends in quiltmaking. World War I, also referred to as the “Great War,” and the 1918 Pandemic Flu, also known as “The Spanish Flu,” brought hardship and death to America and the entire world. Much of the quiltmaking from April 1917 to March 1919 was mostly focused on providing for our soldiers and the Red Cross. With their quiltmaking skills, women contributed thousands of quilts for one of the greatest benevolent efforts of the 20th century.

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Many American women made warm and attractive quilts to honor and benefit US soldiers during the period 1940-1945, either as outright gifts or as raffle items to raise money for the war effort. This book reflects extensive original research of newspaper and magazine articles of the era and authenticates the patterns and designs available to quiltmakers, anchoring the quilts historically in time. Color photos and descriptive text identify many colorful and patriotic quilts made for donation to the Red Cross and organizations such as Bundles for Britain. When possible, original patterns and designs that inspired the quilts are included. The quilts can now be interpreted from factual and objective perspectives, enhancing their historic and emotional importance. The second edition includes 60 additional images.


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As we learned in Issue 17: Connecticut, World War I and World War II-era quilts are Sue Reich’s expertise. It’s hard to read one of her books without wanting to immediately pick up the other one. That is why we decided to feature two books of the month in March. And since they really are the perfect pair, we are offering 20% off retail price when you bundle them together — an unbeatable bargain.

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