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When Snow is on the Posies

By Randi King | Fernley, Nevada

Year: 2012
Size: 23" x 156"

“When Snow is on the Posies, it’s Spring Under the Western Sky” was made in 2012 for a Nevada Quilt Guild (since defunct) challenge. Everyone received a fat quarter of the cream background flower fabric, with which to create an “Under a Western Sky” themed wall hanging. My inspiration stemmed from looking out my window on the first day of spring and seeing some lovely pink blossoms being pelleted with snow! The pattern is based on a quilt from Rebecca Wat’s book, “A Quick Twist on Fabric Folding.” One of my flowers has a honeybee peaking out of it, and I hand sewed over 50 tiny crystal beads from a broken necklace onto the quilted snowflakes and fabric flowers, depicting snow crystals. I have made many, many quilts since creating this one, but process, meaning and challenge of making this quilt always makes me smile.

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