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Sheila Sinclair Snyder

On page 56 of Issue 01: Oregon, we introduced you to Sheila Sinclair Snyder: an entrepreneur, teacher, and accomplished quilter who lives just a few minutes away from my childhood home in Oregon.

In the article titled “Building a Business, Step by Step,” we share the story of how Snyder found her footing in the quilting business without prior experience. She started off by providing longarm quilting services, but her business quickly expanded to include teaching classes and developing products for retail. We have posted that original article HERE so you can read her story in its entirety. 

One thing that hasn’t changed? The popularity of Snyder’s colorfully quilted footstools, which we photographed for the magazine. She has been selling complete kits and instructions for these large footstools for a number of years, and they continue to be a favorite of quilters everywhere.

Something unique about Snyder’s footstool kits is that they are truly all inclusive: She has written the patterns, cut and drilled the plywood bases, provided all of the hardware, AND she’s even supplied the wooden feet themselves, ensuring folks have everything they need to finish their footstools with whatever fabric they choose. 

We are proud to highlight Snyder as March’s Artisan of the Month, and to make available these wonderful footstool kits. Click on the product below to learn more.

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