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Quiltfolk Patterns

Making history

Being a quilter means being a part of America’s greatest creative legacy. We make quilts because they represent pieces of our lives as we are living them. As soon as a quilt is made, it becomes a part of history, preserved in fabric for the future.

Quilts are remarkable objects.

All over the country, there are spectacular quilts made generations ago that are waiting. Waiting for a new life. Waiting to be remembered. Quiltfolk finds these quilts as we travel state by state and it breaks our hearts to see them waiting for a revival that might never come.

The time has come to give these quilts the love and attention they deserve. Quiltfolk Patterns is proud to bring you fresh patterns for these spectacular “Source Quilts,” featuring lush photography, as well as historical context for the quilt and its maker or owner.

But that's not all.

Today’s quilters are inspired by quilts from the past. This is the legacy of our democratic art: we draw on the past for the quilts we make now.

For every Source Quilt in a Quiltfolk Pattern, we also bring you a second pattern for a “Revival Quilt.” This brand new quilt is inspired by the Source Quilt and designed by one of today’s most talented quilt world designers. With both patterns existing side by side, the Revival Quilt and the Source Quilt are connected through space and time, linked forever in conversation.

Beautiful pictures and clear instructions for both quilts are included in every Quiltfolk Pattern download.

Except that's not all, either.

Quiltfolk doesn’t just connect the quilts. We connect the people behind the quilts. Once the Revival Quilt is complete, Quiltfolk facilitates a meeting between the Revival Quilt designer and the owner or maker of the Source Quilt. We physically bring them together — and we bring our cameras. Connecting people for this once-in-a-lifetime conversation does more than make new quilts: it makes quilt history.

Make history with us on July 4

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