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Two patterns per download

Every Quiltfolk pattern comes with instructions for two quilts: a vintage Source Quilt and a contemporary Revival Quilt, plus historical background and the stories behind both quilts. Learn more about each quilt below.

What you receive each month

Two beautiful patterns

Source Quilt

As Quiltfolk travels the country, we find beautiful vintage quilts that should be shared with the world. We are excited to bring you clear pattern instructions for these quilts, as well as beautiful photography and the story behind each quilt.

Revival Quilt

For every Source Quilt in a Quiltfolk pattern, we also bring you a second pattern for a Revival Quilt. With both patterns existing side by side, the Revival Quilt and the Source Quilt are connected, “in conversation” with each other, continuing the legacy of quilting in America. 

The stories behind each quilt

Source Quilt maker/owner

Every Source Quilt tells a story. Sometimes we get to meet the maker, but most of the time, these quilts belong to a relative, a collector, or a museum. Other Source Quilts are a mystery to investigate. Whatever the case, historical context is provided in every pattern.

Revival Quilt designer

An exciting lineup of some of today’s most talented designers will contribute to Quiltfolk Patterns. This month’s Revival Quilt designer is the one and only Malka Dubrawsky.

The moment it all comes together

Once the Revival Quilt is complete, Quiltfolk facilitates a meeting between the Revival Quilt designer and the owner or maker of the Source Quilt. We physically bring these people together — and we come with our cameras to capture the moment. Connecting people for such a once-in-a-lifetime meeting doesn’t just inspire new quilts: It makes quilt history.

The Quiltfolk Patterns promise

Historical context

Whether a quilt is a blue-ribbon winner or a humble “make-do,” once you learn the story behind it — the who, what, when, where, and why — you’ll never forget it. That’s why Quiltfolk is committed to researching that information and verifying it with quilt scholars like Barbara Brackman, our historical advisor.

Clear instructions

Our experienced pattern writers work hard to make sure Quiltfolk Patterns instructions are accurate and easy to follow. We also like to include extras, like tips and alternate sizes.

A print-friendly version

We love our devices, but they have their limits. Included at the end of every pattern is a black-and-white version of only the pattern instruction-pages, making it easy to print the pages you need when it’s time to sew.

This month's pattern

Quiltfolk Patterns 002

Pattern 002 takes us back to Louisiana — the northern half this time — where a beautiful Source Quilt was discovered at a community arts center. The quilt’s pattern has many names, but its story is one of a kind.

Source QuiltFarm Stripes, from Quiltfolk Issue 07: Louisiana
Revival QuiltOjo by Malka Dubrawsky

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