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Longform quilt patterns that share the stories behind the stitches.


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Every Quiltfolk pattern comes with instructions for two quilts: a vintage Source Quilt and a contemporary Revival Quilt, plus historical background and the stories behind both quilts. Learn more about each quilt below.

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Inside every Quiltfolk Pattern

Source Quilt

A vintage quilt and its history

As Quiltfolk travels the country, we find beautiful vintage quilts that should be shared with the world. Each of these vintage quilts has a story. Sometimes we get to meet the maker, but most of the time, these quilts belong to a relative, a collector, or a museum.

Revival Quilt

A contemporary counterpart

We also bring you a second pattern for a Revival Quilt, inspired by the Source Quilt. An exciting lineup of some of today’s most talented designers have, and will continue to contribute to Quiltfolk Patterns. This month’s Revival Quilt designer is design superstar, Denyse Schmidt. 

The moment they meet

Quiltfolk facilitates a meeting between the Revival Quilt designer and the owner or maker of the Source Quilt. We physically bring these people together — and we come with our cameras to capture the moment.

This month's pattern

Quiltfolk Patterns 006

What do you get when you mix a legendary modern quilter with a timeless vintage quilt? You get Quiltfolk Patterns’ sixth edition — and though we say this every time, it might be the best one yet.

Traditional Redwork quilts feature pretty red embroideries on simple white blocks to create a truly lovable quilt. For the incandescent Marsha MacDowell, curator of the Michigan State University Museum and its world-famous quilt collection, Redwork quilts hold a special place in her heart. MacDowell’s quilt, featured in Issue 08: Michigan, has been part of her family for years.  

When we approached design superstar Denyse Schmidt about creating a Revival Quilt based on Marsha’s vintage Redwork, no one was prepared for what the modern quilter came up with.

Source QuiltMarsha’s Quilt, by Metta Schroll Rybolt

Revival QuiltAll the Feels, by Denyse Schmidt

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