David Owen Hastings

Email: david@davidowenhastings.com
Phone: 206-718-2000
325 E Washington St # 245
United States

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Ally
Photographer Name: David Owen Hastings
Additional Comments:
I made this quilt in self-defense of our fancy bedding! Our girl Ally is so sweet, but like many dogs, she sometimes upchucks... often on the bed. So, I made this foot-of-the-bed quilt to protect our bedding, but now I care more about the quilt. Ha! I still let our baby snuggle up on the quilt, she loves it as much as we do. And so far, only one upchuck has happened and it washed out easily. The things we do for our pups!


Young Bamboo Quilt: made for our dog Ally (so she wouldn't mess up our bed)
Young Bamboo Quilt: detail showing seams-out construction
Young Bamboo Quilt: with Ally, our pampered pet.

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