Jamie Beck

Email: jamie.merge@gmail.com
Phone: 919-523-0864
224 W Woodridge Drive

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): #1 is Alfie, #2 is Twiggy, #3 is Ava Gardner
Photographer Name: #1 and #2 were photographed by Iain Walker, #3 was photographed by Jamie Holcomb
Human Name(s): My name is Jamie Beck. I am an upcycle textile artist making under the name Barkcloth, converting jeans & other dog-durable secondhands into one of a kind patchwork pet beds. Each bed pictured is handmade by me. I have additional detail pics available as needed.
Additional Comments:
I am a dog lover located in Durham North Carolina, making functional pieces from textile discards. I enjoy giving quality fabric second life and reducing local textile waste in my community. Though each bed is unique from the next, generally at least six pairs of jeans along with one secondhand or salvaged zipper make a single bed. You can see more of my work @barkclothdogbeds via Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for considering my entry!


Here is Alfie, a Bull Terrier, standing atop his handmade patchwork denim dog cushion. He's a shop dog that spends his day with humans in a music distribution warehouse.
Here is Twiggy, a mixed breed, seated atop her handmade patchwork denim dog cushion. She's a shop dog that spends her day with humans in a music distribution warehouse.
Here is Ava Gardner, a Boykin Spaniel, resting atop her handmade patchwork dog cushion.

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