Jill Huntington

Email: jill.huntington11@gmail.com
Phone: 503-964-9871
12880 NW Creekview Drive

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Kodiak (Siberian Husky) & Georgia (Chocolate Lab)
Photographer Name: Jill Huntington
Human Name(s): Jill Huntington
Additional Comments:
DOUBLE-DOG DARE is an original design, challenging us to pause and reflect on the impact of our phones - how much we’re scrolling, comparing, maybe even avoiding - and to think about what we’re not doing - being present, interacting with our physical surroundings, and focusing on what's right in front of us. It's not just a dare, but a DOUBLE-DOG DARE (the stakes have been raised!). The non-traditional layout includes needle-turn hand appliqué, foundation paper piecing, and traditional piecing. The five bluebirds (considered harbingers of happiness) represent my growing-up family of five, and a time before 24/7 technology. The dog blocks represent the two dogs I've owned and loved, Kodiak and Georgia. The flower, sun, and flying geese blocks represent nature, and my belief that spending more time outdoors, away from technology, could do a world of good. Hey, we could always go outside and WALK OUR DOGS! Instagram (viewed sparingly!): huntingtonquiltdesign


"Double-Dog Dare" elicits a challenge - are you up for it?
"Double-Dog Dare" (82" x 94") - designed/pieced/quilted by Jill Huntington (Labrador Dog Block by Kerry Goulder @kidgiddy; all other blocks by Jill Huntington @huntingtonquiltdesign)
"Kodiak Siberian Husky" foundation paper piecing block designed by Jill Huntington @huntingtonquiltdesign

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