Jill Huntington

Email: jill.huntington11@gmail.com
Phone: 503-964-9871
12880 NW Creekview Drive

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Georgia (unofficially "Sweet Georgia Brown")
Photographer Name: Jill Huntington
Human Name(s): Jill Huntington
Additional Comments:
Growing up in a home devoid of pets, aside from a stray kitten that audaciously stuck around for nearly two decades, a hole forms in your heart that you didn't even know exists. That is, until your first puppy comes along. My first puppy was Kodiak, a beautiful Siberian Husky that my husband and I welcomed into our home when we were newlyweds. Tragically, Kodiak died at a very young age, but life didn't bother slowing down any. Four kids later, the quiet space left by Kodiak persisted. Until, at last, Georgia arrived! A kind, gentle soul, our sweet chocolate lab has grown up side by side with our kids. Her young people have gone off to college; she loves when they return home. Her fur has grayed, alongside my own (hair). Her hips have stiffened, alongside my own (knees). She is my very first Old Dog. She remains a steadfast companion. On most days, she still climbs the stairs to keep me company in my quilt studio. She loves presenting on my IG account. "Georgia Presents... What's On the Design Wall Today." She is a Quilt Dog.


Georgia Presents, "Zoom Background for Quilt Guild Talk"
Georgia Presents, "What's On the Design Wall Today..." Starring Rosalie Pattern
Georgia Presents, "What's On the Design Wall Today..." Featuring January's Roses

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