Rebecca Lilly Segura

Phone: 8305811187
104 Emerald Dr
United States

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Miracle
Photographer Name: Rebecca Lilly Segura
Additional Comments:
I am a textile collage artist who enjoys creating pet and wildlife portraits using photographs of the subject. The pet portraits I create are commissioned by the pet owners and are completed under the agreement that they donate a pre-determined amount directly to the local no-kill animal shelter. This is a win-win-win situation where the shelter gets a donation, I get to create some art, and the pet owners get a one-of-a-kind quilted art piece featuring their beloved fur baby’s face.


Miracle hales from Kentucky and is a pup who was rescued from life on the street by someone who felt compelled to bring her home when she saw her being teased by kids on a playground. She has since crossed the rainbow bridge but had a super happy life and is missed by her human family.
Miracle, deatail, ear

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