Stephanie Kresinske

Phone: 7754404144
2930 Scepter Ct.

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Basha
Photographer Name: Stephanie Kresinske
Human Name(s): Stephanie
Additional Comments:
This is Basha, a Bangladeshi street dog (Indian Pariah Dog) who came to live with me when she was a puppy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I worked there from 2014-2017. I did not consider making a pet of a street dog as there are so many difficulties with this idea beyond this description paragraph. After seeing so many other abuses of these dogs, I saw a 4-month-old puppy being threatened by a man with a stick so I scooped her up without thinking it through. Long story short, she lives with me here in Reno and is the best dog a person could hope for. The quilt was made earlier when I lived in Malaysia with a Me and My Sister line (Giggle? Tickle?) that I had taken with me when I moved there. The Drunken Path pattern is my own and now hangs in my living room. I think it makes a nice background for my special girl Basha (means "Home" in Bangla).


Basha with quilt

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