Walter Woodward

Phone: 2082402711
586 Nathan lane
United States

Additional Info

Dog Name(s): Walter Otis
Photographer Name: Celeste
Human Name(s): Sandy
Additional Comments:
This entry is to show off how amazing my friends quilts are and just to show how big of a heart she has! I hope you pick one of her many quilts to feature!!!


This image is Walt showing off his beautiful quilt that his sweet friend Sandy made him, she makes these amazing quilts, she often gives her quilts to sick dogs to comfort them. If you look at her Instagram page @swissarmysan she has given away so many precious quilts just to share the love and help comfort so many dogs
This is a picture of Walter sleeping in his first quilt from Sandy, Walter was really sick and uncomfortable because of his IBS flare up, he wouldn’t lay down to sleep because of his tummy ache. Once he had this quilt it was like a sleeping spell had been casted over him. He loves his quilts from Sandy and they really do help him calm down and rest!
Walter often gets stressed out going camping and misses home, so Sandy (@swissarmysan) sent him a camping quilt to help calm his nerves, and he LOVES it! We couldn’t really get a picture showing just how amazing her quilt was because he hogged it up all camping trip and it’s staying in the camper to make sure we don’t forget it, but we all love it! So much love is put into all of her quilts!

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