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1974 doesn’t seem that long ago but time goes by as well as the many quilts we create! The Miami News published: “Not your Granny’s Quilt “, 1974.
1992: My 13 year old daughter, Abby was my quilt model. She is a sewist and designer now.
My sister and I playing on the quilt sewn for me by my grandmother, so technically my first quilt. The quilt now resides beneath my sewing machine.
You can see my first quilt in progress on my bed. I was checking the length of it and I guess it wasn't quite long enough yet. I had also made my top.
Three generations at work in 1990. My mother hand quilted several quilt tops after her retirement. Tops were hand pieced prior to 1989 by her mother.
Every Christmas eve since 1987, I have given a family member one of my handmade quilts. This is aunt Ruth's reaction to her double bed, hand-tied gem!
Learning to sew at Grandma's knee with my sister. I'm the one with my back turned to the authority (some things never change).
Sweet dreams! Snuggled up with the quilt my grandmother made for my baby doll. Now my grand daughter snuggles her dolls with it too.
Mother & her quilting group
Three Sisters - Judith (left), Olga (middle) and Agnes, quilting this beautiful quilt which I now own. This is one of my favorite family photos.
The first quilt I owned was made by my great grandmother. Grandma appliqued a cat on it, tied it and attached a ruffle. It went everywhere with me.
"NOW can we go back to catching frogs ?"
The happy quilters from College Hill Presbyterian Church, Oxford, Mississippi, circa 1980's.
All sisters here - quilting as a group - helping one another out. My mother and three aunts hand stitch/quilt thick rustic comforters. L.A. 1972

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