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Lesson Plan

Part 1 / History & inspiration

Meet Annie
Artist, renowned colour expert and prolific author, Annie Sloan welcomes you to the course and discusses her love of paint and decorating.

Colourful lessons from history
Annie begins by introducing the history of painted furniture, citing some of her biggest influences and offers suggestions for where to begin your own research.

Seeking inspiration
Discover how and where to find ideas that will appeal to your creative side, and take a peek into Annie’s personal library of inspiration.

Developing your own style
As with any artistic endeavour, it’s key to establish your own personal style. Annie guides you through the process with tips and pointers to help you start your journey.

Part 2 / Getting started

Finding furniture to paint
Join Annie on an inspiring trip to Sunbury Antiques Fair at Kempton Park Racecourse, as she reveals her top tips for sourcing secondhand furniture.

You don’t need a huge amount of equipment to paint furniture, but it is worth investing in quality. Take a look inside Annie’s toolkit to see her must-haves for every project.

Surfaces to paint
Annie introduces her inimitable chalk paint, and talks through the wide variety of ways you can use it to add colour and pattern into your home.

An overview of techniques and finishes
There are a huge range of effects and looks that you can create with chalk paint, it’s just a matter of learning different techniques – and knowing a few tricks!

Common pitfalls and mistakes
Annie anticipates some of the stumbling blocks you may come across, and shows how to resolve the issues simply and quickly.

Part 3 / Colour theory

Colour theory – Part 1
Begin to understand colour and how it’s created on a deeper level, with this introduction to the primary and secondary colours

Colour theory – Part 2
Building on your new knowledge, Annie explains the concept of complementary colours and how to use them.

Colour theory – Part 3
Find out how to put everything you’ve learnt about colour theory into practice to create successful room schemes and pleasing colour combinations.

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