Connie Huibregtse
This is my first Block of the Month for this program. It is the first time I have created my own block. I am fairly new to quilting. I did pick a book I was currently reading and was fortunate to find some fabrics recently inherited from my mom's stash that were lengths of what seemed to be tie dyed fabrics and so I could pick sections similar enough to the cover to use. Getting exact colors from my stash was a challenge, the greens were especially difficult which surprised me. I was glad to try the gentle curve method and learned it is challenging especially if the curve is not gentle! I had to do some hand sewing to try to finagle it into place. I had trouble getting the proportions right but I know it turned out that one could recognize the book I used. I'm so glad there was a demonstration in Month #1. Really enjoying my first Block of Month experience.


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