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What is Quiltfolk?

From the cutting table, to the coffee table. 

We like to say that while Quiltfolk looks and feels like a book, it has the mind of a magazine. With new issues being released every three months, Quiltfolk is a living, breathing publication that promises new and exciting stories, four times per year. At 162 pages in length, with no advertisements and over fifteen feature stories every issue, our readers often suggest we come up with a new word to describe Quiltfolk. For now, we like to say that Quiltfolk is a magazine as fit for the cutting table as it is the coffee table.

Quiltfolk Issue 02: Iowa


For Quiltfolk: Issue 02 the team travels to Eastern Iowa. Braving the sub-zero wind chills, we explore a integral piece of America’s quilting culture. Iowa has more quilt shops per capita than any place on earth, and a reputation for being rich with quilting history. Even with high expectations, the trip did not disappoint. The people were friendly, the places were picturesque, and the quilts were bold and incredibly beautiful. Click the link below to preview a few of the stories you’ll find in this issue.

Quiltfolk Issue 03: Hawaii


The Quiltfolk team is fresh off an exciting trip to Hawaii’s Big Island, where we gathered some incredible stories. Issue 03 was an opportunity to shake things up a bit, and to explore a quilting community with a very different look and feel from the first two issues. Like everywhere we travel, we came home appreciating both the uniqueness Hawaii had to offer, as well as the commonalities it shared with the other quilting communities we’ve explored.

The making of Quiltfolk.

Our team of writers and photojournalists travel to every state in which we cover, walking the streets, meeting the people, and experiencing the local communities. Although some have suggested there would be easier ways to make a magazine, we believe that to truly get to know the incredible quilters we meet, we must first understand the communities that have helped shape them. There are always fascinating facts and finds that could have never been uncovered simply by phone or email, and for this reason we will continue to take readers with us as we visit quilting communities across the country.

Quiltfolk is like taking a trip without going anywhere.
I absolutely love it!

— Suzanne, WI

Touching the magazine feels like you’re touching fabric!
It has that kind of quality to it.

— Verdonna, TX


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