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From the cutting table to the coffee table – we celebrate the people and the stories behind the stitches.

Quiltfolk is a premium print magazine with a singular mission: to excite and inspire the quilting community. Through the power of storytelling and visual arts, Quiltfolk provides an authentic, inside look at the homes, towns, shops, and creative minds that make this community so incredible.

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Quilting is all about what you can touch, feel and see. For that reason, we’ve set out to make Quiltfolk the most beautiful magazine possible. From a soft touch, tactile cover, to a minimalistic interior aesthetic and timeless typeface, Quiltfolk is unlike anything else. Paired with 162 advertisement-free pages per issue, and you’ve got a reading experience that is reimagining the modern magazine.

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Issue 06: Arizona

It took two crews to collect stories from the great state of Arizona – a first for Quiltfolk. The sheer size of Arizona was only part of the challenge. As the largest geographical area we’ve featured thus far and the sixth largest state in the US overall, there was a lot of (literal) ground to cover. But the landscape was met with an equally vast and beautiful quilting community, and all of the Quiltfolk crew left Arizona with inspired and refreshed by what we’d found. 

Discovering our communities

We travel to each featured location, meeting the people, and experiencing the local quilting scene first-hand. We strive to truly get to know the incredible quilters we meet, and understand the communities that have helped shape them. Journey with us as we discover quilting communities across the country.

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Special Offer!

Get 65% OFF all back issues when you subscribe today. Issues 01 and 02 will no longer be offered at a discount starting April 1st!