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“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

2024 Block of the Month–Break the Rules


$85 registration (includes April’s fee) + $25/month for eight months
  • Registration extended through April.
  • BoM Dates: April – December 2024.
  • Plus, a free welcome package for all, including a Break the Rules-themed notebook, Blackwing pencil, and temporary tattoos—to be shipped in March!

Embark on a Nine-Month Journey of Creative Discovery
Quiltfolk’s Break the Rules BoM is a nine-month expedition into the heart of creative quilting. It’s not just about learning new techniques; it’s about weaving your personal narrative into every stitch! Beloved workshop hosts and instructors Jenni Smith and Kay Walsh, accompanied by author and collector Roderick Kiracofe (as well as other renowned guest mentors known for their trailblazing approaches), will guide you through a transformative learning and sewing experience—bending the rules of color, composition, and construction. Together, they will offer pathways, tools, and lots of encouragement to empower you to venture beyond the ordinary and create a truly exceptional project of your very own.

Anyone can join the rebellion, no matter how mild—or wild—you choose to be!

Our Inspiration & Unofficial Textbook
In 2021, Quiltfolk had the great honor of co-publishing the expanded second edition of Roderick Kiracofe’s hardcover coffee table book Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar, 1950-2000. With the first edition being an instant classic, we loved immersing ourselves in the 170+ quilts featured within, as their personality, intrigue, and mystery breaks with tradition. But what really captured our imagination was how they strayed … where makers took the liberty to sew outside the lines. Were these intentional departures? We may never know for sure. But one thing we do know: To this day, we continue to be mesmerized by these quilts, and we know we are not alone in that feeling. Thousands of quilters around the world have raved about the inspiration and creative freedom they find in these timeless treasures. 

We are thrilled to share that Unconventional & Unexpected will act as the unofficial textbook for our all-new, groundbreaking BoM that challenges you to stretch yourself beyond the conventional norms of the “perfect” quilt. 

Program Details (Click Below to Expand)

On the third Wednesday of each month, there will be a two-hour BoM live stream session from 1-3pm PDT (9-11pm BST). During these sessions, you will experience insightful interviews, join in with creative challenges, and chat with fellow participants, and there will always be a few extra surprises along the way. You will then put what you learned (or, perhaps, unlearned) into practice at your own leisure, sharing your progress as you go!

This is a virtual BoM—no camera required—so find a comfortable location and simply log in to your Attendee Hub. (Shortly after registering, you will receive an email from Quiltfolk with login instructions.) In the Attendee Hub, you can view live stream and/or pre-recorded lessons, access bonus tutorials, share your progress, and more!

Smile, stitch, and sew up a storm—not a safe harbor! At the end of the year, you'll get to dive deeper into the concept(s) that interest you most to complete your one-of-a-kind quilt project. In addition to focused work around color, composition, and construction, additional themes we'll explore include:

  • Unique Self-Expression: Let your personality, passions, and style shine through your quilting projects.
  • Playful Techniques: Step beyond the “safety” of patterns and embrace the freedom of expression that can be found by using bold materials, colors, and designs. 

The monthly virtual live stream sessions will be led by your favorite workshop hosts Jenni Smith and Kay Walsh! And you will also gain regular insights from quilt collector and author Roderick Kiracofe's expert eye. Other special guests include modern quilter Chris English, who finds inspiration from found and recycled fabrics; Sarah Hibbert, who enjoys starting with traditional blocks and giving them an improvisational twist; Freddy Moran, featured in Issue 27: California Bay Area, and known for her bold use of color; Kimberley Pierce Cartwright, featured in Issue 23: North Carolina, and known for her innovative use of fabrics, paints, and embellishmentsand more surprise mentors!

A FREE Live Stream Welcome Party for ALL!

World Quilting Day, March 16, From 2-3pm PDT (9-10pm GMT)

If you missed our FREE Live Stream Break the Rules Welcome Party on March 16, not to worry! You can view the full recording on our YouTube channel.

Watch the recording to hear from Jenni and Kay as they provide an exciting overview of the lessons that will be covered, answer questions, and give a sneak peek at the lineup of expert guest speakers who will make special appearances at the BoM live sessions.

Welcome & Graduation Gifts:
You will receive a few special welcome gifts, including a special-edition spiral-bound notebook, a Blackwing pencil, a sheet of custom, temporary tattoos—as well as a year-end graduation gift.

Access to a Private Facebook Group:
You will also be given access to our BoM Facebook Group, and we invite you to share your work across social media with the hashtags #QuiltfolkBoM and #BreaktheRules.

Lifetime Access:
The recordings of each monthly live stream session will be available in the Hub for lifetime access. That way, if you would like to revisit the recordings at a later time, you can do so as often as you would like!

What will the finished quilt project look like?
Everyone’s project will be different—and that’s what makes this BoM so unique! After we've taught you the numerous ways in which you can bend or break the rules of quilting, you'll be guided through how to translate those into your own unconventional quilt project. By the end of the year, you’ll have made something that may be more “you” than anything you’ve made before. And if you want to see where the project takes you, you can make whatever you wish—even if it’s not a quilt. 

Is there a kit?
This BoM does not include a fabric kit, no. Instead, your hosts will talk you through how to make the most of your current stash! If you’re a beginner or starting without a fabric stash, Jenni and Kay will provide guidance on purchasing any materials you might need to maximize your creative options (while being mindful of budget, of course).

I’m skeptical there is no pattern! How do I know if this BoM is a good fit for me?
If you have passionate curiosity, you don’t need to focus on the fact that there is no pattern. Your host Kay loves rules and patterns, but she is embracing the opportunity to try new approaches to making. On the other end of the scale, Jenni buys all the patterns and never actually ends up following them in her quest for finding a personal style. Be assured that there will be guidelines and tutorials, and we are working small, so the aim is to capture that essence of fun from when we were kids (before we were scared of the unknown). Most importantly, your fellow BoM members will have your back, and your hosts will help with any worries along the way. If you're curious about how to take your quilting to the next level, join in to find out how to break the rules to fit your needs!

How does billing take place?
You’ll pay a $85 registration ( which includes April’s fee) + $25/month for eight months of the BoM, starting April 1, 2024 and ending December 1, 2024. This amount will be automatically processed on the first of every month during the program.

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