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Trish Duffield
Month #1 Literal. I learned reverse applique from a Road to California class taught by Rob Appell (Man Sewing) that seemed like a good match for the book cover. After taking a picture of the book and loading it onto my laptop I copied it to a word document so I could size it. I traced the image from my laptop screen onto copy paper. I then used a light box to trace it onto Sulky Totally Stable. I ironed that onto the front of my fabrics so I could stitch on the drawn lines. I sewed around the rings, tore off the paper, and cut out the sections I wanted the grey/gold to show through. I had to start over a few times because I cut out the wrong areas. Oops! I trimmed the extra fabric off the back before proceeding to the next step. I fused Heat and Bond lite to the back of the Mockingjay, cut it out, ironed it to the block and stitched around it. I added detail with some embroidery. The arrow is also embroidered. I included a picture of the back of the block here to help show what I'm describing. Being my first venture like this, I probably took the long way around to figure everything out - but it worked! :)


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