Quiltfolk Issue 03: Hawaii

The Quiltfolk team is fresh off an exciting trip to Hawaii’s Big Island, where we gathered incredible stories from remarkable quilters. Issue 03 won’t be available until July, but we couldn’t wait to share some images from the trip.

Issue 03 was an opportunity to shake things up a bit, and to explore a quilting community with a very different look and feel from the first two issues. Like everywhere we travel, we came home appreciating both the uniqueness Hawaii had to offer, as well as the commonalities it shared with the other quilting communities we’ve explored.

In the coming weeks we will share more previews of  stories you can expect to see in Issue 03, so stay tuned to quiltfolk.com. Until then, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek. Aloha! 

164 pages, offset-print and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper.

Quilt Passions: Climbing Hills with Karen Barry

The Hawaiian proverb, ‘A’ohe pu’u ki’eki’e ke ho’a’o ‘ia e pi’i  reminds us that “No hill is too high to be climbed”. Karen Barry, owner of Quilt Passions quilt shop in downtown Kona embodies this can-do spirit wholeheartedly. In the ten years she’s spent on the Big Island, she has purchased a quilt shop, started a popular retreat, Quilting on The Beach, and established a successful quilt show that is now in its third year. But the next hill awaits, and Karen is ready to climb. We will take you inside Karen’s shop, community, and future plans.

Inspiration & Imitation: Exploring Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

If art exists according to the ancient Greeks, we owe our inspiration to create in great part to the beauty, harmony and balance we see in nature. Hawaii of all places, is bursting with colors, textures and imagery that is unlike anything else found in the continental US. On our journey we explore the flowers, waterfalls, lava fields, and countless other examples of awe-inspiring natural wonders, as we uncover the undercurrent that drives so much of the Hawaiian quilting tradition.

Moving Mountains: Inside Hilo’s Contemporary Hawaiian Quilt Show

Some rules are made to be broken, but for the organizers of Hilo’s Contemporary Hawaiian Quilt Show, knowing which ones to bend, and which ones to hold dear is the key to perpetuating the rich history of Hawaiian Quilts. Part quilt show, part classroom, the quilters gathered in downtown Hilo aren’t just bridging the gap, they’re moving mountains , bringing together generations past and present. We’ll take you inside the fascinating efforts being made to keep the tradition of Hawaiian quilting strong throughout the islands.

Designer Q&A: Mary Moody-Cox

How does a former technical writer living in Colorado find herself in the middle of Hawaiian quilting scene? Mary Moody-Cox and her husband packed a bag, and traded blizzards for beaches when they moved to the Big Island. She has quickly established herself at the center of the island’s quilting culture. From designing quilts, fabrics and even organizing the Big Island’s Shop Hop, Mary’s creative spark has lit a fire that burns bright. Learn more about her story in this Issue’s Designer Q&A.

Kilauea Kreations: A Picture of Past, Present and Future

Kathy Tripp embodies the cool confidence for which island culture is known. Perfectly poised with a hibiscus flower behind the ear, it’s what’s behind Kathy’s success as a quilt shop owner and businesswoman that is admired by her peers. We take you inside Kathy’s sister stores, Kilauea Kreations I & II, and meet a family who’s working hard to perpetuate the Islands quilting tradition.

Exploring the Native Arts BQ (Before Quilting)

Hawaiian background in textile arts is fascinating in both its history, and its mystery. In Issue 03 we explore the deepest roots of sewing and quilting on the Hawaiian islands. But long before quilts made their debut in the mid 1800s, Hawaiians were dancing, weaving and crafting their way to an artistic culture that is rich with inspiration. The Quiltfolk team learned firsthand from local craftsman still turning out fine examples of these ancient traditions.

Kimura’s Fabrics: The Best of Old & New

Located on Mamalahoa Highway along the Kona Heritage Corridor, Kimura’s Fabrics has enjoyed over 90 years of serving both locals and visitors from all over the world. Opened in 1926, Kimura’s boasts an eclectic array of fabrics of all kinds, but you won’t want to miss their Japanese-inspired prints with a tropical twist! A funky little shop with loads of character, we invite you in to experience the aloha of this local fabric fixture. 

Barbara Nobriga: Quilts of a Cowgirl

It’s not every day you get to meet a real-life cowgirl, let alone one with a museum’s worth of quilts stored away in her home. Barbara Nobriga takes us on a tour through her working ranch and farmhouse, and a trip down memory lane to a place where time seems to stand still. See how this eighty-year-old powerhouse tackles a day job that would tire the strongest of men, while managing to fit in some downtime for her love of quilting.

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