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A Common Thread – A Collection of Quilts from Gwen Marston


A Common Thread – A Collection of Quilts from Gwen Marston

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There are few names that mean more to boundary-pushing quiltmakers than Gwen Marston (featured in Issue 08: Michigan). As early as the 1960s (and for many years alongside her then-partner, world-renowned art quilter Joe Cunningham) Marston was subverting the patterns, forms, and construction methods used in traditional quilts. Her results were revolutionary. The bold, graphic color studies and improvisationally pieced constructions that came from her studio continue to influence an entire generation of contemporary quiltmakers and textile artists.

Beautifully designed and executed by Martingale Publishing, A Common Thread features personal reflections alongside photographs of more than 80 quilts personally selected by Marston and representing some 40 years of work. The late artist’s dedication to exploration leaps off every page. From her early works inspired by austere Mennonite quilts to her ornate appliqué confections, scrappy celebrations, and minimalist meditations, Marston surprises us with every stitch.

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