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“Beneath the Western Sky” 10″ Fabric Stacker


“Beneath the Western Sky” 10″ Fabric Stacker

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  • 42 pieces from the "Beneath the Western Sky" collection by Gracey Larson for Riley Blake Designs. Each print will be included 1-2 times in the bundle.
  • Size: 10” x 10”


Gracey Larson, who is featured in our newest issue (Issue 20: Idaho), is an incredible quilter, creator, and entrepreneur. She's built a name for herself designing fabrics and quilt patterns, and her latest collection with Riley Blake called Beneath the Western Sky just launched!

Artist Gracey Larson talks about
"Behind the Western Sky".

Beneath the Western Sky was inspired by all of the time that I’ve spent in the western United States. The colors were inspired by many hours of road trips, admiring the red rocks, canyons, and buttes. Places like Garden of the Gods in Colorado and the deserts in Arizona and New Mexico are reminiscent of the warm tones of the fabric collection.

The aqua hues in the collection were inspired by the big, wide-open skies and the influence of turquoise and other natural stones in locally-made jewelry and art. The West has a unique and diverse range of landscapes and plants. You’ll find everything from pine trees to cactus which were represented in the greens.

My favorite colorway in the collection is the dark, warm, rich navy blue. Last year especially, I spent so much time enjoying the stars and the moon while taking evening walks. The lack of light pollution in much of the West makes for some of the best and brightest starry skies! There are many stories woven into Beneath the Western Sky.

I could tell you about the bear that my mom once saw in our neighborhood; the owl my sisters, brother, and I admired on one of our walks; the coyotes that are known to make their way across properties; or the elk, moose, deer, bison, and other animals that add to the wild feeling of the West. As we’ve driven through almost every state in the West, I’ve enjoyed seeing the textures, architecture, and natural elements that make the West so unique. I tried to incorporate a lot of that into Beneath the Western Sky with rustic weave textures, geometric shapes, wildflowers, large moons, and an overall feeling of being “wild and free.”



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