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Quiltfolk Exclusive Book Darts



Quiltfolk Exclusive Book Darts


ONE tin for $15 or TWO tins for $25 


  • 50-count tin (mix of bronze, stainless steel, and brass)
  • Quiltfolk-branded label
  • Made in Hood River, Oregon
  • A noteworthy gift for book lovers!


At Quiltfolk, we enjoy learning about local companies that elevate everyday tools that may be of interest to our community of creatives. So when we came across Book Darts, a practical-yet-elegant product made in Hood River, Oregon, we instantly knew that we wanted to share their origin story—and an exclusive offer—with our readers. 


Find Your Mark, Without Leaving a Mark!

When you are reading (and, in this scenario, any books count, especially quilting ones or even an issue of Quiltfolk) do you ever wish that you could easily mark a page, without leaving a literal “mark”? Now you can! Spurred by the love of physical books, Book Darts were developed to enrich one’s reading experience by allowing readers to mark important lines and easily relocate them without harming the pages, in turn preserving the quality of the book. Make each book an ongoing resource: Think of each dart as a switch that turns ideas on again. When you’ve discovered something important in your reading, Book Darts make sure you’ll find it again when you need it.


Quiltfolk-Branded Book Darts (50 Count)

We partnered with Book Darts to design an exclusive, Quiltfolk-branded label for our readers. Each tin includes 50 mixed-color darts: bronze, stainless steel, and brass. This allows you to choose from a range of colors to best match the cover of the text you are marking. Book Darts make excellent, noteworthy gifts (or stocking stuffers) for the book lovers in your life!

We have loved learning how this innovative idea has changed the lives of readers (and the longevity of our beloved books) all around the world. Get yours today, while supplies last!

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