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Ernest | Foundry Quilt 033

Ernest | Foundry Quilt 033


  • Started ca. 1880-1910 | Finished 2023
  • Custom label and Quiltfolk Foundry tag
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  • Design contributions by Mary & Marianne Fons

If Ernest were a person, he’d be a true gentleman. He’d be well-dressed—dapper, even. Maybe he’d be a writer, or an inventor, or the owner of a dry goods store that sells fabric! (Swoon.) It’s the sophisticated 19th-century prints that bring to mind such impressions; the stately pinstripes, the refined polka dots, and the shirtings with delicate florals make a classy statement.

Ernest began as a stack of loose blocks, begging to be joined together. When Mary and Marianne Fons considered the future quilt’s possibilities, it was clear that a thin, solid black sashing would help bring the blocks to life, and a drop of color in the cornerstones would warm the whole thing up. We love what they came up with, and we hope you’ll fall for Ernest just like they did.


Dimensions: 63 x 78 in.
Block source: J.A. Antiques & Vintage of Littleton, Mass. Original maker unidentified.
Started: ca. 1880-1910.
Finished: 2023.
Description: Twenty vintage patchwork Nine-Patch variation blocks, constructed predominately in grays, reds, and a black and white check. Separated by narrow, solid black sashing with gold cornerstones. 100% cotton.
Backing: Floral-printed cotton.
Finishers: Piecing by the Quiltfolk Foundry. Longarm quilting by Susan Melarvie of Wisconsin.
Condition: Excellent.
Imperfections: Every Quiltfolk Foundry quilt in our shop began its life as an unfinished vintage top or collection of loose blocks. We seek out lost tops and blocks that are in good condition, but due to the source material’s age and care history, some imperfections in the finished quilts may be present. We hope you’ll see them as we do, just another part of the story.


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