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Rebecca | Foundry Quilt 002

Rebecca | Foundry Quilt 002


  • Started ca. 1850-70 | Finished 2023
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Every Foundry quilt has an element of mystery to it. But of all the quilts we’ve worked on so far, the missing story behind the exquisite red and green appliqué top that became Rebecca puzzles us most. How could a top that beautiful not be seen through to completion? Was it lost? Did its maker pass away before it could be finished? Was it too daunting a prospect to embark on intricate quilting after spending what was probably a good long time on the appliqué? All of these are possible scenarios, but we can only speculate as to why such a gorgeous top was orphaned.

Engaging an expert longarmer to execute fine, custom quilting on this mid-19th century top was the only option when it came to finishing Rebecca. The level of beauty in the quilting simply had to match the detail and skill shown in the top. The finisher of Rebecca, Stephanie Patterson, rose to the challenge, quilting perfect feather wreaths, tight grid work, and era-specific motifs that make Rebecca a quilt masterpiece.


Dimensions: 80 x 79 in.
Top source: Online auction. Original maker unidentified.
Started: ca. 1850-70.
Finished: 2023.
Description: Red and green appliqué on muslin. Possible pattern name: Flowering Almond. Custom longarm quilting. Muslin binding.  
Backing: Solid white.
Finishers: Stephanie Patterson of Abilene, Texas. Binding completed by Mary Fons of Chicago, Illinois. 
Condition: Some discoloration across sections of the top.
Every Quiltfolk Foundry quilt in our shop began its life as an unfinished vintage top or collection of loose blocks. We seek out lost tops and blocks that are in good condition, but due to the source material’s age and care history, some imperfections in the finished quilts may be present. We hope you’ll see them as we do, just another part of the story.


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