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Featured Artisan

Hawaiian Bundle: Issue 03 & Hibiscus Pattern


Featured Artisan

Hawaiian Bundle: Issue 03 & Hibiscus Pattern

Original price was: $36.00.Current price is: $22.00.

  • (1) Issue 03: Hawaii
  • (1) Hibiscus 32" wall quilt pattern (printed)


This special bundle includes a copy of Issue 03: Hawaii and the pattern for this stunning wall quilt for just $22!

Connie Sayler, longtime friend of Quiltfolk and the owner of Pacific Rim Quilt Company, designed an exclusive Hawaiian appliqué pattern for Quiltfolk and is so excited to share it. Hibiscus is inspired by the Hawaii state flower and symbolizes beauty, joyfulness, and love, all good things that we strive for during the holiday season. Different species and colors of hibiscus have different meanings, so you can customize yours. 

A real hibiscus bloom only lasts for a day or two, but with Connie’s Hibiscus pattern you’ll have one forever!

Yardage Requirements 
Appliqué fabric: 1 yard (34" square)
Background fabric: 1 yard (34" square)
Binding fabric: 1/2 yard
Backing fabric: 1 yard (34" square)
Batting: 26" square

About Connie & Pacific Rim Quilt Company
Connie fell in love with needle-turn appliqué after her two children went to college. She bought Pacific Rim Quilt Company from its founders in 2015 and works to continue what they started, namely honoring Hawaiian quilting.

She especially loves the stories and traditions of Hawaiian quilts and is drawn to two-color, high contrast designs. Savvy Quiltfolk readers will note that the back cover of Issue 03: Hawaii, is a Pacific Rim Quilt Company pattern!

Pacific Rim, an online storefront that Connie runs from her living room with assistance from her husband of thirty-four years, Mark, focuses on appliqué and specializes in Hawaiian quilt patterns. “All the patterns we sell are appliqué, and preferably needle-turn,” she said. Connie also has notions and fabric available, in addition to her patterns (both paper and digital) and kits. She’s continually inspired by nature in her quilt design and strives to incorporate natural elements as much as she can.




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