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Mason | Foundry Quilt 026

Mason | Foundry Quilt 026


  • Started ca. 1900-1920 | Finished 2023
  • Custom label and Quiltfolk Foundry tag
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The name Mason isn’t new—some date its first use to medieval England—but in the early 2000s, it exploded in popularity. In our latest batch of quilts, we suspect Mason will be a popular choice as well, so if you’re shopping for a Foundry quilt, don’t wait to grab it!

With just one look, it’s clear that the maker of this quilt really understood color. The super soft woven fabrics have enough contrast that the patchwork is visible, but the mellow colors move seamlessly from one block to the next. Deep golds, baby blues, rusts, and pale pinks are all in total harmony. If you miss your chance to take Mason home, we hope his color palette inspires you to make your next quilt your most popular yet.


Dimensions: 75 x 75 in.
Top source: J.A. Antiques & Vintage of Littleton, Mass. Original maker unidentified.
Started: ca. 1900-1920.
Finished: 2023.
Description: Twenty-five Square-in-a-Square variation blocks. Hand tied with variegated wool yarn. 100% cotton fabric.
Backing: Blue woven, 100% cotton.
Finishers: The Quiltfolk Foundry.
Condition: Excellent.
Imperfections: Every Quiltfolk Foundry quilt in our shop began its life as an unfinished vintage top or collection of loose blocks. We seek out lost tops and blocks that are in good condition, but due to the source material’s age and care history, some imperfections in the finished quilts may be present. We hope you’ll see them as we do, just another part of the story.


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