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Millefiori Templates


If you are already enrolled in Dutch Discoveries: Quilting A Thousand Flowers, we hope that our Millefiori Acrylic Templates make your fabric-cutting experience much more enjoyable and efficient. 

And if you haven’t signed up, please click here to learn more about our next Adventure Workshop and consider registering by January 25 to participate in what will be an unforgettable livestream experience with Jenni Smith, Kay Walsh, Willyne Hammerstein, and more!


Millefiori Templates


  • One set includes three 1/16” clear acrylic templates:
    • Diamond (inner shape all sides 1”).
    • Rhombus (inner shape all sides 1”).
    • Kite (inner shape 1” short sides, 1⅞” long sides).
  • Each template includes a ¼” seam allowance and handy marking holes that allow you to track your stitch lines. 
  • Robust and easy to handle—the clear finish takes away the guesswork so that you can place them accurately on the fabric design. 
  • Quiltfolk Founder Mike McCormick describes the in-depth process behind designing and preparing the Millefiori Acrylic Templates in “900 Tiny Templates.” Read his Journal post here to learn more!

Dutch Discoveries: Quilting A Thousand Flowers, our Millefiori Masterclass, is going to teach Willyne Hammerstein’s simple-yet-effective method that, contrary to popular belief, only requires your favorite fabrics and a running stitch (in other words: no English paper piecing!). 

And now we are offering a special tool that will make “quilting a thousand flowers” even simpler!

Grab a set of Millefiori Acrylic Templates for $10 today!


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