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Quilted American Landscape No. 2 – Badlands


Quilted American Landscape No. 2 – Badlands

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Quiltfolk’s mission is to explore and celebrate quilting in all its forms. The geography and culture we discover during our travels is an intrinsic part of the quilts and quilters we meet. It is in that spirit of discovery that we have commissioned the Quilted American Landscapes collection.

Created by Michigan-based artist Garth Glazier, this collectible series celebrates the relationship between a quilter and their natural world. Six vibrant quilt-inspired designs represent distinct regions of America and highlight the characteristics of each — nature, architecture, color, and more.

For each design in the series, we will offer a limited edition of only 400 prints, individually hand-numbered and signed by the artist.

This collectible series of six prints is only available on

02 – Badlands

Majesty. Strength. Beauty. These themes provide the foundation for the second collectible art print in our Quilted American Landscapes series, Badlands. Comprising nearly a quarter of a million rugged acres in the heart of America, Badlands National Park is a geological and biological wonder.

Artist Garth Glazier centered a noble icon in the foreground: the American bison, standing tall in a mixed-grass prairie. Seen towering over this landscape are the Black Hills, a geometrically complex and colorful home to some of the world’s richest fossil beds. Layered over the background, a subtle patchwork design in gold and crimson evokes the warmth of traditional Native American blankets.

Artwork is offset-printed on premium 120-pound paper with a matte finish. Size is 18 x 24 inches. Prints come unframed with a 1-inch white border to allow for gallery-style framing. Each print is hand-numbered and signed in pencil by artist Garth Glazier.

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