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Quilted American Landscape No. 5 – Everglades


Quilted American Landscape No. 5 – Everglades

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Pa-hay-okee, or “grassy waters,” was the name given by Seminole people to what we now call the Everglades — a vast and slow-moving body of water that stretches 60 miles wide and steadily ushers fresh water toward the Florida Bay.

This 1.5-million-acre region in Florida is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Its delicate ecosystem is home to rare exotic wildlife, including endangered species such as the American crocodile, Florida panther, and West Indian manatee. However, alligators and tropical wading birds are more likely to be observed by the one million people who visit Everglades National Park each year.

In 05 | Everglades, the fifth installment in our Quilted American Landscapes series, artist Garth Glazier has captured the complexity of this unique region with a subtle sublimation of flora, fauna, and traditional quilting motifs.

A late-afternoon sun sends streaks of coral and tangerine across the Florida landscape. A patchwork of muted gray and vibrant teal conveys the sweltering humidity of these freshwater marshes. And perched amongst the grasses, a Great Blue Heron surveys the waters as a patterned school of fish glides through deep shades of mauve and royal blue.

For quilters inspired by this incredibly diverse landscape, 05 | Everglades will make the perfect addition to any space in the home.

Artwork is offset-printed on premium 120-pound paper with a matte finish. Size is 18 by 24 inches. Prints come unframed with a 1-inch white border to allow for gallery-style framing. Each print is hand-numbered and signed in pencil by artist Garth Glazier.


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