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New Item

Quiltfolk Heart Mug – Made in the USA

Create Jobs for USA: American Mug & Stein

New Item

Quiltfolk Heart Mug – Made in the USA


  • 14-oz ceramic mug
  • Hand cast, glazed, and fired in East Liverpool, Ohio
  • Quiltfolk’s signature copper half-square triangle heart upon an ivory background
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


It’s our goal to support businesses that are creating local jobs and growing communities in the very states we explore in our magazine by offering more American-made products over the years to come. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our newest item — a beautiful, handcrafted ceramic mug made by American Mug & Stein Company (formerly Pioneer Pottery) out of East Liverpool, Ohio. And when we say “made,” we mean that each mug is hand cast, glazed, and fired by the hardworking team in Ohio. It’s truly incredible!

Historically considered “The Pottery Capital of the World,” East Liverpool was once home to over 300 potteries, all of which manufactured ceramics for the entire country. When the shift to foreign manufacturing took place, the city’s ceramics production dropped significantly. However, a positive transformation took place around 2012 when Starbucks and ceramics supplier Hausenware partnered with American manufacturers to create specialty mugs for the “Create Jobs for USA Program.” Clyde McClellan, owner of American Mug & Stein Company, shared that this one opportunity completely changed the outlook for his business’s future.

Thanks to the team in East Liverpool, our 14-oz Quiltfolk mug — displaying our signature copper half-square triangle heart upon a solid ivory background — serves as a pleasant reminder of your joy of quilting and your love and support for local, American businesses.

We have ordered a limited number of mugs, so place your order today to get one (or more) shipped to your doorstep now!


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