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Quiltfolk Issue 04: Tennessee (Limited Edition Reprint)

Quiltfolk Issue 04: Tennessee (Limited Edition Reprint)


In the movies, it’s the director’s job is to pull you into the story by way of images, dialogue, and music; to help you relate to the characters in such a way that you feel personally invested in their outcomes; to paint you into a scene so that you might feel as if you are a vital part of it all; and to place you within its geography as if you were walking upon the terrain in person. Sometimes, a movie will depict its locale so beautifully that you feel like you must go visit it yourself. Sometimes you do, and sometimes it disappoints.

But not Tennessee. Tennessee is all those things you see in the movies. It’s fireflies and sweet tea. It’s old Hollywood gone country. It’s driving down the country roads in the bed of a beat-up pickup truck. Tennessee is amber waves of grain, and it is good ol’ southern charm.

Tennessee is everything the movies tell you it’s supposed to be, and it’s everything you want it to be.

Above all, Tennessee is a place worth going and coming back to.

So join us as we explore the quilting community full of places, faces, and quilts that are sure to draw you into this historic state.


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