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Quiltfolk Issue 29: New Jersey

Quiltfolk Issue 29: New Jersey


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New Jersey is a diverse and vibrant state known for its captivating mix of bustling cities, charming suburbs, and picturesque shorelines. But this scrappy state has a long history of being underestimated, and New Jerseyans can be a little testy when their reputation is questioned. Even the authors of a deeply researched book about the state’s quilt history spoke of New Jersey as being “sometimes maligned” before punching back with gorgeous quilts and great stories.

New Jersey often gets the last laugh—as when TV host Stephen Colbert mocked Governor Phil Murphy for insisting there were three regions in the state: North Jersey, South Jersey, and Central Jersey. Colbert said there were only North and South. Five years later, Governor Murphy signed a law that designated Central Jersey as an official region and required the state’s tourism map to include it. As well it should: this bundle of four counties covers everything from bucolic state parks and wineries to the prestigious Princeton University. And speaking of being underestimated, George Washington crossed the Delaware River, leading his troops to victories in two pivotal Revolutionary War battles at Trenton and Princeton. Nassau Hall still bears the mark of a cannonball from those historic events.

In short, New Jersey is not lacking in things to boast about. From the stunning High Point State Park, offering the highest elevation in the state and a monument commemorating New Jersey’s war veterans, to the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, serving as a significant site in the development of America’s manufacturing industry. And then there’s the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk, a bustling promenade filled with casinos, entertainment, and stunning ocean views.

Quilters know their worth and deep history in New Jersey too. The Newark Museum of Art was one of the first museums in the country to recognize the importance of quilts and built an extensive collection. Some of the most celebrated quilters in the US make their home in this state of contradictions. The unity found in the art of quilting, a cherished tradition that weaves the diverse fabric of New Jersey’s communities together, remains undisputed

Offset printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in the USA.

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