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Quiltfolk Issues 06 & 09 Bundle



Quiltfolk Issues 06 & 09 Bundle

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Get this special Southwestern pairing of Issue 06: Arizona and Issue 09: Utah for just $22 + FREE Shipping

About Issue 06: Arizona

It took two crews to collect stories from the great state of Arizona – a first for Quiltfolk. After flying into Phoenix, half of our team headed south to Tucson, while the other trekked north toward the Grand Canyon.

The sheer size of Arizona was only part of the challenge. As the largest geographical area we’ve featured thus far and the sixth largest state in the US overall, there was a lot of (literal) ground to cover. But the landscape was met with an equally vast and beautiful quilting community, and all of the Quiltfolk crew left Arizona inspired and refreshed by what we’d found.

About Issue 09: Utah

It takes a lot of work to make an issue of Quiltfolk, and in the case of Issue 09, it took a lot of miles. As you might’ve noticed, Utah is pretty big as far as states go, and we canvassed it from Park Valley to Salt Lake City to Bluff to bring you stories of quilters of all stripes. We talked quilts with ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs, professors — we even found quilts in national parks. You’ll see.

Issue 09: Utah is packed with great stories and head-spinningly beautiful photography of quilts, quilters, and the natural landscape of the Beehive State. When you get your copy, you’ll feel like you’re in Utah — and if you’re a quilter, it’s a good place to be.


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