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Quiltfolk Issues 14 & 19 Bundle



Quiltfolk Issues 14 & 19 Bundle


This special is no longer available however you can purchase Issue 14: South Carolina or Issue 19: Northern Florida individually. Check out all available back issues here.

About Issue 14: South Carolina

Quiltfolk’s mission is to seek out quilters wherever we go, and it seems to us that there are simply more quilters per capita in South Carolina. Everywhere we went on our trip, if there was one quilter, there were three, and we lost count of the number of shops we saw. Perhaps it’s that quilters like Cookie Washington, Ruth Hong, and Laurel Horton were so friendly. It was the love that was multiplied.

Regardless, South Carolina charmed us completely, and now it’s your turn to be delighted. In Issue 14, you’ll “paint the town” with new friends on the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail, you’ll peek into vaults of textile history, you’ll see how grand views of the Atlantic inspire more than patchwork, and you’ll meet a lean, mean longarming “machine”… who just started kindergarten.

If you’re a quilter who wants to have her boiled peanuts and eat them too, the Palmetto State has its hand up, waving for you to come on over and stay awhile.

About Issue 19: Northern Florida

Even people who don’t live in the US know that Florida is one of the most unique states in the country — a melting pot, heated by sunshine, that blends wildly disparate climates and lifestyles. The excitement that Florida inspires is directly related to its astonishing geography, politics, and culture.

One of the starkest examples of Florida’s multitudes can be found by identifying the state’s southern and northern halves. In southern Florida, words like “tropical,” “humid,” and “Cuban coffee” will come in handy, but up north, you may hear more about “fall foliage,” “rolling hills,” and “pecan pie.”

Many locals, either natives or transplants, say northern Florida belongs more to the American South, whereas the population and culture of southern Florida has closer ties to its neighboring continent South America. Northern Floridians enjoy relatively cooler air, a bit more space, and a lifestyle that involves front porch swings rather than Miami nightclubs.

Roughly 1,000 people move to Florida every day, and you can bet some of them are quilters. In Northern Florida, Valerie Goodwin and Carolyn Friedlander make quilts that combine their love of art and architecture; Kathy Metelica Cray and Teddy Pruett keep the nation’s quilt traditions alive; and from her homestead, quilt superstar Vanessa Vargas Wilson has built a global empire with tomato plants, family ties, and a passion for quilts.


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