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Quiltfolk Pattern 006

Quiltfolk Pattern 006


What do you get when you mix a legendary modern quilter with a timeless vintage quilt? You get Quiltfolk Patterns’ sixth edition — and though we say this every time, it might be the best one yet.

Traditional Redwork quilts feature pretty red embroideries on simple white blocks to create a truly lovable quilt. For the incandescent Marsha MacDowell, curator of the Michigan State University Museum and its world-famous quilt collection, Redwork quilts hold a special place in her heart. MacDowell’s quilt, featured in Issue 08: Michigan, has been part of her family for years.

When we approached design superstar Denyse Schmidt about creating a Revival Quilt based on Marsha’s vintage Redwork, no one was prepared for what the modern quilter came up with. We don’t want to give it away — you’ll have to see it to believe it. (Hint: Get ready to text all your friends.)

Source Quilt – Marsha’s Quilt, by Metta Schroll Rybolt

Revival Quilt – All the Feels, by Denyse Schmidt

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