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Quiltfolk Puzzle 04


Quiltfolk Puzzle 04

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  • 500-piece
  • 18 x 24 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited edition printing


Quiltfolk Puzzles are made in partnership with The New York Puzzle company. All puzzles are crafted from 100% recycled chipboard that is 20% thicker than standard puzzles. Our linen-style paper reduces glare, and each puzzle is shaken prior to shipment to reduce puzzle dust. Enjoy!

Puzzle 04 | Bright Star in the Nevada Desert
Crimson Rose is more commonly known as “The Fire Goddess” to tens of thousands of people who make the annual pilgrimage to Burning Man, an art-focused cultural event that draws some 75,000 people to Nevada’s uninhabited Black Rock Desert. At Burning Man or in her studio, Crimson surrounds herself with powerful art that she can see and touch. Her Grandmother Mabel’s radiant Lone Star quilt is one such object. Crimson said this special gift stirs beautiful childhood memories of her beloved grandmother; she was thrilled to see it on the cover of Issue 15: Nevada. We hope Mabel Viola Meador's exceptional Lone Star quilt lights a fire of inspiration in you!



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