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Ruby Ruler ®️

Ruby Ruler ®️


Meet Blair's Ruby Ruler®️

Lots of quilts seem “flat." The design isn’t dynamic, there’s no sparkle. But often we aren’t sure why that is, or how to correct it.

We’ve all got fabric to use, just waiting for the perfect project. Its time to use them! If you’re wondering where to start, how to make sense of all those prints and colors to create a cohesive quilt pattern or layout, look no further.

That's where the Ruby Ruler®️ comes in. Looking through the rosy red tint of the Ruby Ruler®️ allows you to see value instead of color. It allows you to view the fabrics more as dark and light forms. This is the color value, and a fabric can be light or dark in value based on the other fabrics that you’ve chosen to use with it. Using what you see when you look through the ruler, you can create a pile of “light” value fabrics and a pile of “dark” value fabric. From these, you can create scrappy layouts for and endless number of unique quilts that have what Blair calls "quilt sparkle!" 

This nifty little tool serves double duty! Use it to square up and trim up fabrics and pieced units to 5″ and smaller. Cut 5″ squares from your yardage, and easily combine them with 5″ pre-cuts.

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