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Singular Stars

Singular Stars



Judy Martin uses her half-century of quiltmaking experience to give quilters the ultimate guidance for mastering Lone Star quilts. She shows how to get your seam allowance perfect, which is the most important factor in patchwork. She discusses how to master joints, press seams, and work with the more stable lengthwise grain. Most of the quilts in Singular Stars can be made without Y-seams.

With its thrilling bounty of groundbreaking designs and its detailed guidance on every aspect of making a Lone Star quilt, Singular Stars is the most thorough, the most ingenious, book on Lone Stars ever written. There really is no other book like it.

In its 160 pages, this wonderful book features patterns for 18 sewn and photographed quilts. But those 18 quilts are just the starting point. Singular Stars has everything you need to make an additional 163 variations of the photographed quilts. And those 163 variations are also just a starting point as they represent a tiny fraction of the thousands of quilts that it is possible to make with the patterns in this incredible volume!

Rather than make Lone Stars of concentric rings of diamonds, Judy realized that by making each of the eight star “arms” in four asymmetrical sections, she could play with the orientation and the arrangement of each section to create a seemingly limitless number of possibilities. (Think of how you can play with Log Cabin blocks before you assemble the quilt. Now with Judy’s designs, it’s possible to do the same with Lone Stars.)

Some of the Lone Stars vary the sizes of the diamonds within the block, thus creating some lovely effects. Another category of Lone Stars plays with the placement of color within a regular block, which allows you to get a lot of interesting looks. Plus, related sizes allow you to mix and match many of the border or background elements to offer even more possibilities. Of course, if you prefer, you can simply follow the pattern and make a gorgeous quilt just like you see in the photograph.

Whether you want to make a simple, small Lone Star or an impressive queen/king-sized Lone Star, you will find plenty of exciting strip-pieced patterns to choose from in Singular Stars.

Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0-92958-916-9

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