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The Pigment Trail



The Pigment Trail

Inspiration from the Colors, Textures, and People of India

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By Debra Luker
  • Hardcover
  • 8 in x 10.25 in
  • 208 pages
  • 300 color images
  • Published in 2024 by Schiffer

When life feels dull, these pages will re-awaken your senses and open your creative eyes. 


Artist Debra Luker fell in love with India during her travels and shares the inspiration she found there with readers in The Pigment Trail: Inspiration from the Colors, Textures, and People of India. Her love of this place and its people shines on every page. Luker derives inspiration from everything from the colorful saris to the amazing architecture to the unique decorative arts.

This book is an adventure that transports the reader to a world of color and beauty. Two hundred and eight one-of-kind visual-journal pages immerse readers in all things India. Each and every page provides layers of inspiration in Luker's use of words, photos, and her personal thoughts as she experiences daily life in India.

Luker has captured the essence of India and invites readers to join her in this creative journey and find their own inspiration. The Pigment Trail celebrates India—its color, its art, its people, and its respect for all things handmade.


Debra Luker is a London-based mixed-media artist. Her creative passion encompasses her travels, especially in India, where she found inspiration in found treasures and the colorful surroundings. She is fascinated by the beauty of age and decay.

Luker’s work comes alive through her use of texture, pattern, and color. Her collages and drawings involve meticulous layering. Her sketchbooks are filled with thoughts, drawings, and treasures from her travels, and lots of color.

India is particularly special to Luker and led to her colorful and inspiring book: The Pigment Trail: Inspiration from the Colors, Textures, and People of India. She has “created a unique portrait of a country as seen through the eyes of an artist.”

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