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Twisted & Recycled Hexie Quilts Bundle


Twisted & Recycled Hexie Quilts Bundle

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By Mary W. Kerr

Twisted: Modern Quilts With a Vintage Twist

  • 104 pages
  • 8.4 x 10.9 inches
  • Softcover

This full-color description of the creation of 22 quilts gives contemporary quilters fresh ideas for injecting their works with energy from repurposed antique textiles, abandoned blocks, and vintage fragments. For each quilt's starting inspiration, a fragment of unfinished vintage quilting was incorporated into a modern quilt aesthetic. The newly-designed "past-combined-with-present" quilt tops were then shipped to one of 22 contemporary quilt artists, each among today's best longarm quilters. The new, innovative quilts serve as a bridge between the vintage past and the modern present. Plus, helpful sections on documentation and on working with vintage fabrics assist readers with combining past and present in their own quilts.


Recycled Hexie Quilts: Using Vintage Hexagons in Today's Quilts

  • 112 pages
  • 8.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Softcover

More than 140 color images, with both traditional and contemporary designs, show how vintage hexagon textile fragments can be repurposed and fashioned into new, beautiful quilts. Over the last century, hundreds of hexagon (fondly termed “hexie”) patterns were published and thousands of quilts were started―yet many of these textiles were never finished. Other quilts were damaged from overuse and neglect. This book shows 52 new quilts inspired by these neglected hexagon textiles. See how this basic shape can be employed in a wide variety of combinations and patterns, both traditional and modern. Packed with ideas and tips, this practical yet art-filled guide will inspire quilters to try new designs by drawing on the power of hexies from the past.

Mary W. Kerr’s Twisted and Recycled Hexie Quilts are two inspiring, supplementary reads that will get you even more pumped about transforming abandoned tops and blocks into beautifully finished masterpieces. Order the bundle today for the unbeatable price of $30!




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