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Quiltfolk Exclusive

Wildflower Quilt Label Kit


Quiltfolk Exclusive

Wildflower Quilt Label Kit

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By Posy Lough

Posy’s tagline is “preserving our story in stitches.” And her wildflower quilt labels allow you to do just that!

This exclusive kit features the work of Texas artist Peg Dunayer and is adapted for needlework by The Posy Collection.

The kit includes:
  • Four preprinted quilt labels, each 6" x 5" on 7" x 6" fabric, with four wildflower motifs: Gaillardia, Brown-eyed Susan, Thistle, and the Texas classic Bluebonnet.
  • Two embroidered labels of the Brown-eyed Susan and Bluebonnet.
  • Needle, floss, and instructions.


About Posy
For more than 35 years, Posy has provided needlework kits for gift shops at historic sites and national parks across the US. They are great projects for quilters who are away from their machines and want to create something special by hand. But, in Issue 22, Posy also detailed the importance of quilt labels and their role in preserving the history and legacy of quilts. She shared that, “Without a label, a quilt is just a quilt. But with a label, a quilt becomes an heirloom with a story to pass down through the generations.” We love that sentiment, which is why we wanted to partner with Posy to create quilt labels just for our readers!


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