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Wise Craft Quilts



Wise Craft Quilts

A Guide to Turning Beloved Fabrics Into Meaningful Patchwork

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I wish I could have had my hands on this book when I began making quilts.” - Denyse Schmidt

  • 192 pages
  • Hardcover
  • 8.24"W x 9.8"H x 0.68"D


In Wise Craft Quilts, celebrated quilt designer and crafter Blair Stocker shares ways to use cherished fabrics to make quilts with more meaning. Each of the twenty-one quilts featured here gathers a special collection of fabric, outlines a new technique, and spins a story. By using special fabrics as the starting point for each project—from a wedding dress to baby’s first clothes, worn denim, Tyvek race numbers, and more—the finished quilt is made even more special. Create quilts that have a story to tell and you’ll find a whole new level of appreciation for what they represent in your life and the lives of the ones you love.

More About the Author
Blair Stocker is the author, quiltmaker, upcycler, painter, teacher, DIY daredevil, and founder of Wise Craft Handmade. She began writing about her creative pursuits on her blog Wise Craft in 2005. Today, she teaches and lectures across the country on her philosophy of creative reuse in handmade goods.

Blair is also the featured teacher in our brand new workshop, Mindful Making In New Mexico, where she'll be teaching the tradition of hand stitching chicken scratch embroidery.


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